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US Customs broker exam printed material

The US Customs broker exam is open book so you will need to have all the necessary materials on hand in order to take the test. It is also recommended that you have the material on hand for the quizzes and tests of the Imports Academy US Customs broker exam prep course.

Because these documents are loose leaf, you will need to purchase your own binding.

We suggest you purchase a 12 inch Master Catalog Rack to make it easier during the exam.

Your order will be submitted to our print shop on the day of your purchase, we do not keep any in stock. It takes 3-4 business days to process before it ships.

Exam material consists of the following:

  • 2019 19 CFR (Parts 0-End)
  • 2019 HTSUS Catalog
  • 7501 Instructions
  • Right to Make Entry
  • ACE Entry Summary Business Process 9.75
  • Previous 5 exams and answers
  • Imports Academy Reference guides for the test


*Updated as of 04/02/20 for the October 2020 exam.

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