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Customs Broker License- Continuing Education

US Customs has finally instituted continuing education to maintain the US Customs Brokers license. The final rule (88 FR 41224) .

Individual Customs Broker license holders must complete 36 credits per triennial period. Individual brokers who have taken voluntary suspension will be subject to a prorated requirement of one continuing education credit for the remainer of their triennial period.

When does it start?

The full official certification requirements will begin with the 2027 triennial reports. The first triennial report between 2024 and 2027 will be reduced. The 19 CFR 111 has already been updated to reflect the new requirements.

How to obtain continuing education credits

Unlike the exam itself, CBP will select independent accreditors to provide continuing education credits.  The possible sources for the credits could include seminars, in-person training, online courses, or a mix of any training materials provided by employers who staff many licensed Customs Brokers.

Brokers must maintain their records for three years showing they completed their continuing education. Brokers who do not comply with the requirements will face suspension and revocation of their Customs Broker license.

Currently Imports Academy is actively working to be a provider for a designated accreditor for the Customs Brokers continuing education credits.  When ready, we will release our CE courses.

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