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Customs Broker Prep Course

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Download the documents below to take with you to the exam!

Free Trade Agreements CBP Forms Timelines Penalties 19 CFR parts reference

Course breakdown

In this course you will have access to 15 lessons that are the question categories of the US Customs broker exam.  There is a quiz at the end of every lesson to help you become familiar with how the questions on the real exam will be presented. The quizzes will provide you with the correct answer and how to find it for each one that is answered incorrectly. It is highly advised that you retake this course, quizzes and tests as many times as you can prior to the actual exam.

Course layout

At the bottom of each page is a course navigation pane that indicates which lessons and topics you have already taken.  Once you log out and back in your progress will be saved, you can quickly get back to your place in the course when you login via the account tab at the menu on top of every page of this website. Once you have completed a lesson, quiz or test you will be able to go back and revisit each an unlimited amount until this course expires.

Most of the lessons have topics that go into further details. After you complete every topic of a lesson you will be prompted to take the corresponding quiz cover the lesson. Please ensure you have a copy of the required course material in order to follow along and successfully take/pass the quizzes. Please click on the links below to view official digital copies of the required material.

Materials for the May 2024 Exam:

For NCBFAA members looking to obtain their 20 CCS credits, please email us your Imports Academy user name and NEI ID to to receive credit.


Click on the Exam Overview lesson below to begin!

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