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This demo will help you become familiar with the layout of the course and provide some sample lessons. The US Customs broker exam is comprised of 80 questions and are grouped into distinct categories. The Imports Academy prep course is designed around the 15 major categories, it will address what kinds of questions will appear in each category and how to quickly maneuver the 19 CFR and HTSUS catalog to find the correct answers for the real exam.

At the left hand side of every lesson is a navigation pane that will show you all the lessons, topics and quizzes available. The topics and lessons have check marks to note that you have completed them, but you will always be able to return to any lesson or quiz as many times as you want.

In the prep course, you will be able to download an overview of each lesson before the quizzes so you can print and review them at any time.



Click the “Overview Demo” below and go through the associated topics. When you have completed them, click the quiz.

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